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      R & D
      R & D
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          R & D
      As a professional Manufacturer, we insist on the guidance of ??Quality is the first, Technology is most important for development?? all the time. We are a producer earnest and down-to-earth, control every step strictly, constantly improves to be better and strive for the best! Meanwhile, our R&D team always does their works base on the market requirement tendency and constantly forwarding more and more new items with fashionable appearance and perfect performance.
          Our R&D Team:
      This included the product??s exterior profile designer, Structure and function designer, plastic mould designer and production technology researcher about 15-20 persons.
      Research and developing
      Center Of AUGEWEI
      Vacuum Cleaner R&D Center
      Mini-Refrigerator and COFFEE MAKER R&D Center
      Electric Motor R&D Center
      Technology Center For Manufacture
          Our Production and Quality Management System
      Included Engineer and Management Personnel about 40 persons
      Production and
      Quality Management system
      Input Material Inspection Section
      Printing and Painting Workshop
      Motor Produce Workshop
      Motor Testing Workshop
      Electronic Workshop
      Output Assembly and Testing Workshop
      Sample Testing Room
      Quality General Management Center
      Augewei??s management purpose is ??Cultivate infinite value by limited resources!??
      The working style Augewei People upholds is ??Be deliberate, flexible and communicative; dare to query, take action, strive to be the first!??
      What Augewei persist is ?? strive for you and your customer??s satisfaction by high quality products and considerate service.??
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